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Dinner at the Smyths'


Dinner at the Smyths' - A Bog Standard Family Drama

Finalist in the Yarns Short Film Competition 2022 presented by Stitch & Homespun, Dinner at the Smyths' premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema, London on 16th November 2022.

Mum - Charlotte Weston
Pandora - Harriet Barrow
Tom - Edmund C Short
Dad - Stephen McGowan

Written and directed by Ash Hamilton & Bex Conyngham-Hynes
Produced by Lucy Benson-Brown.

Cinematography by Richard Bell ACS
Edited by Chris Hutchings
Production Design by Liv Snowden
Costume Design by Aaron Francis Walker
Hair and Make-Up Design by Carly Guy
Original Music by Edward Geater

1st Assistant Director - Elise Martin
Floor Runner - Paula Ruessmann
Script Supervisor - Mo Benyahia
First Assistant Camera - Angela Garcia Manchado
Second Assistant Camera - Samuel “Beans” Hyde
Clapper Loader - Dani Baxter
Digital Imaging Technician - Oscar Dunbar
Gaffer - Toby Martin
Electrician - Tyson Douglas
Sound Recordist - Oscar Bussell
Production Photography - Nigel Glasgow

Mermaid Wrangler - Samantha Smallwood
Taxidermy - David Rudge at White Wolf Antiques
Minotaur Mask Design - Grégory Beauvais

Offline Facility - Stitch Homespun
Edit Producer - Seán O'Keefe
Exec Producer - Tim Hardy
Exec Producer - Leo King

Online Facility - Tag
Head of Production - Andy Salem
Grade - Mark Horrobin
Conform - Louis O’Connell
VFX - Tim Davies

Foley - Foley Walkers
Sound Design & Mix - Rascal Post
Sound Producer - Maddy Lebel
Sound Engineer - Neil Johnson

With thanks to : Ninian Doff, Sue and Alex Tatham, Shelley Smoler, Droga5 & Ninth Ward London.

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